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  • ENGLISH- All posts, threads, comments, signatures must be written in English.

  • PROFANITY- Keep offensive language to a minimum. While we might let you get away with anything you might hear on network television or ratio, don't go overboard.

  • ONLINE SAFETY- After reading about the girl on myspace who was killed, it was suggested we put up a thread here showing how to keep yourself safe on GoTeen.Net or any other site on the internet.

    The Administrators and Moderators are here to ensure that GoTeen.Net is safe from online predators. We encourage all members to report anyone who you feel might be a predator. Any predator found here will be banned, and all traces of them will be removed and they will face legal actions in their local area.

    To keep yourself out of harms way, here is a guide you should use.

    1. Keep your identity private! This is a public forum, that means anyone on the internet can access it. Avoid giving out your full name, your mailing address, your telephone number, the name of your school or anything that could personally identify you.

    2. Don't meet anyone from online! The worst thing you could do is meet someone from online. People aren't always who they say they are. If you do feel the need to meet someone, bring three or more friends/family with you. Never meet or go alone with the person! It's best to meet in a public place such as a coffee shop or mall where there are a lot of people around you.

    3. Don't reply to PM's (Private Messages), Instant Messages, Emails, chat or any other message system that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you ever get anything like this on GoTeen.Net, please contact Admin and provide details of what happened and who did it. If you can, please provide a copy of it. Actions will be taken.

  • ARE YOU UNDER 13 YEARS OF AGE- GoTeen.Net does NOT allow kids on our forums that are under the age of 13 UNLESS, you are supervised by a parent or supervised by next of kin. On registration you must provide the email address of your parent or guardian. From there you will receive instructions to your parent or guardian on how to get your account approved. If approval is not received from parent or guardian in 7 days the information will be deleted. Why do we have this rule? because not only for your safety, but we also would like parents and guardians to look around the boards before allowing their children to register and communicate with older teens. You can also read more information by clicking the following link Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule.

  • OBSCENE MATERIAL- No posting of P0*nographic material, images or links to it around the forums, not in albums, private messages, profile messaging. You will be BANNED even if you sign up with a username that relates to adult content.

  • FLAMING, BASHING, AND TROLLING- Hate posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated on the Forums, as is posting topics specifically to provoke a negative response from someone (AKA trolling). Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail, Profile Comments, ChatBox or Private Messages. Posting is a privilege That can and will be revoked for anyone violating the rules of common sense and decorum. Do not make fun of another members Spelling and Grammar mistakes, this may lower a members self esteem and you will get a warning and may lead to being banned.
    Failure to comply with the above rules repeatedly will result in the immediate banning of that individual user.
    We ask you to keep the conversation civil, and in good taste. Please refrain from using vulgar language, personal attacks, racial, ethnic, or sexual innuendos. We have different age groups that visit this site, so keep this in mind when posting.
    You are free to disagree with others, but if you stoop to personal abuse or attacks, your post's will be deleted. If you are insulted by a post, please report the post, but PLEASE DO NOT retaliate.
    Advertising or promoting any product or service on any of our bulletin boards is prohibited, unless you have permission or are posting in website through advertising.

  • SPAM- Purposely spamming a message board with senseless, vacuous, or empty messages is highly frowned upon, unless in Test forums where spam is allowed.

  • SIGNATURES- No posting of p0rnographic material or links. No links allowed in signatures. Sites being promoted can only be done so in the Advertising & Website Help forum. Those continually breaking the rules will be banned for 7 days. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently.

  • CAUTION- Flashing screens are not under no cir***stances to be used in signatures or post's. This can be dangerous to some user's with Photo Sensitive Epilepsy and can cause serious harm.

  • USER ACCOUNTS- Each member is allowed one account and no more than that. Failure to comply with this will result in:
    For two accounts registered to the same member:
    - Second account will be banned and the first account will have a 2 week freeze placed on it.
    For three or more accounts registered to the same member:
    - All accounts will be banned.
    No exceptions allowed..

  • ILLEGAL SUGGESTIONS/MATERIAL- Respect the copyrights of other people, websites, software & printed media. Please no pointers, how-to's, advocating any illegal activity.

  • QUESTIONABLE CONTENT- Some content issues are left to the discretion of the individual moderator, but may include any material that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, misleading, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, that otherwise violates any law, or that encourages conduduct constituting a criminal offense.

  • PERSONAL INFO- Do not post personal information such as email addresses telephone numbers.

  • IMPERSONATING/ACCESSIGN ANOTHER USER'S ACCOUNT- You may not impersonate another board member or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking other user's. Also, accessing or using someone else's account or attempting to access another poster's account is strictly prohibited. This will not be tolerated and you will be banned.

  • CIR***VENTING A BAN- If you receive a message that you have been banned, it is not acceptable to return to the boards under another user-name. If you do, your ban time may be extended.

  • POST IN THE APPROPRIATE FORUM- Please read each forum description before posting to ensure you are posting in the correct forum. off topic posts will be moved to the correct forum.

  • NO DUPLICATE OR REPEAT POSTS- If no-one answers your question or responds to your post. Posting the same question over and over or in every forum will just annoy people and will not get answers.

  • LINKS- If you have a link to your home page or your own forum,
    your link must go in your profile only or Website Promotion.
    Any links in your signature will be removed or links posted around the forums will be removed. Non English sites will be removed also.
    Have a link to another Site? POST it in Advertising NOT around the forums. Be thankful you get to promote your site, posted more than once, it will be black listed.

  • SOURCE LINKS IN THREADS- If a thread is created it must have content in the thread, DO NOT just make a thread and put in a link. You MUST have content in your threads if you are linking your thread to another site...Eg: making a thread in celebrity or news forum and you post a link and no images, no content, your thread will be removed.
    Threads MUST HAVE content before posting any links to the source.

  • FORUM SUPPORT- If you are unsure on how to upload avatars/signatures/profile pictures or need support on how to do anything else on the forums, PLEASE post only in the forum Forums Support for forum help. If you have computer problems and need Tech Support please make a thread in the forum Computers & Tech Support. Posting and asking for help in the wrong forum, your thread will be moved to the appropriate forum by our admins/mods.

  • WEBSITE HELP- If your asking for advice or need help with your website you are currently creating, ask in Advertising.
    Once your site is finished and ready to go, then you can post it in: Advertising & Website Help only once, do not make more than one thread for your website or it will be removed and black listed. One thread for help and advice for your unfinished site, one thread for a completed website/forum.

  • CELEBRITY SHOWBIZ IMAGES- PLEASE NOTE: This only applies to Celebrity Image Threads only, This does not Apply to Celebrity News Threads. If you going to post in images of Celebrities in our Celebrity Showbiz forum, you are only allowed to use the following Image Hosts:,,,,,,,,, OR images can be added from the GoTeen.Net gallery.
    Do NOT use GoTeen.Net as a promotion to your sites and images. Adding images from your personal celebrity sites will be removed and black listed. I will stress the point, threads MUST have good content and images before you post in your site link. This also applys to Politics, News & Debate forum, dont just post the source link and dont get your own site Black Listed

  • SOURCE LINKS- This Applies to the following forums: Entertainment Systems, World Of Music, Celebrity Showbiz, Dvd, Movies & Television, Internet Tech & Gaming, Life Forums section, Extreme Debates, Automotive Centre, Wide World Of Sports, World News & Events. If you are going to post in a source link, make sure your thread has content. As stated above any links will be removed with out at least some content. Our Mods/Admins have the right to remove any threads that they think does not have enough content with a source link added. A source link will also be removed if the link is not directed to the actual source of the thread.

  • PRIVATE MESSAGING- Our guidelines still apply to private messaging, and if anyone sees a PM in their inbox that is advertising, inappropriate, or anything else that violates the guidelines, please forward it to our Admins Or Mods. Please see here Meet Our Staff And it will then be dealt with. Thank you.

  • TWITTER/FACEBOOK- If you have a personal Twitter or Facebook, please post it in the Advertising Forum, not in your signature. Unless you are a V.I.P Member, V.I.P Members can promote their own sites/forums in their signatures only.

  • USERNAME CHANGE- Need a name change? You either need 100 posts or more, show as active poster. VIP Members can get a name change anytime. Dont sign up to the forums then ask for a name change, such requests will be ignored.

  • SUGGESTIONS FORUM- Please do not sign up to the chat forums and then make suggestions to the site unless you are a regular posting member. Signing up and making a suggestion is pointless unless your going to stick around and help the community out and show as active. Not make suggestions then leave like some new members do!

  • YOUR FIRST POST- Simple little rule, do not attempt to place a link into your very first post. This is allowed in Advertising & Website Help, but not in any other forums here at GoTeen.Net.

  • MEMBERS ALBUMS AND GALLERY- Please upload only Photos of your self, you and friends or you and family into your Members Albums which will appear here: Members Photos. All other images belong in our forums Gallery. You can also use the Forums Gallery just like tinypic, if you are unsure how to use the forums gallery as a image host, please read This Thread. Feel free to upload random images to your Profile Album only to edit the look of your profile, thanks. If you are confused about what is a random image and what is a photo of your self, PLEASE read: This Thread.

  • GOTEEN.NET FACEBOOK- PLEASE Do NOT place links on our FaceBook pages. GoTeen FaceBook Pages Is Only for GoTeen.Net Members to read updates and interact with one another. GoTeen.Net's FaceBook Page IS NOT For Promotion. So DO NOT Add Links, Promotions or Promote your pages and forums/sites etc. Or it will be Removed. If you want any Photos of You (Your Self) uploaded to our facebooks 2011 Members Section, PLEASE read: This Thread.

  • POSTING OF MP3's- When posting MP3's into your posts, PLEASE respect the privacy and copyright of the artists and music company's. If we get any complaints of Infringement, the webmasters have the right to remove any MP3's that is copyright of the original owners. If your MP3's are Removed on request, you will notified on the reason why its been removed.

PLEASE NOTE: Its very important that you read our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use which contains Google Adsense 3rd Party Cookie Info and Contact Information for Questions and Concerns.

Best Regards: BoYkA.

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