ANGELINA JOLIE has been immortalised as the Virgin Mary in a shocking new painting. The actress is portrayed as the mother of God while her adopted children MADDOX and ZAHARA and daughter SHILOH are her cherubs. The picture aims to confront issues regarding celebrity worship. The title, Blessed Art Thou, is taken from a line in the Catholic prayer Hail Mary ... The painting is going on display at the Art Miami Fair at the Miami Beach Convention Centre from January 5 to 8. The artist, Kate Kretz, chronicles the painting's creation on her blog and posts this further information on the piece: This painting addresses the celebrity worship cycle. The title, "Blessed Art Thou", is taken from a line in the Catholic prayer "Hail Mary": " ... blessed art thou among women". Our culture is deifying celebrities, but in the bible, it is the meek who are blessed, so the title presents a question for the viewer to ponder. I chose a setting where the cycle begins: psychologically oppressive environments like this one are one of the feeding sources for the consumer, hungry for "information" about the celebrity's private life. I am interested in the psychological ramifications of celebrity worship, particularly as they relate to class. It's an interesting piece. One has to wonder if any of this attention would be garnered if the subject were anyone else ... but that's the thing about art -- the inspiration to paint the subject seems so obvious after it's created. I like the juxtaposition of the deity figures hovering above, what looks to be, a Wal-Mart-like store -- where magazines that deify celebrities are readily available at each check-out.