Welcome To The Gothic Forums.

A place for not only gothic people but for, emo, scene etc can discuss, chat and interact with one another.

This forum is for general discussion about anything, but please keep it clean as we have kids on this site.

1. All age groups are accepted here, but no sexual explicit content.

2. Granted this is general discussion, so we will be lenient enough to let spam flow through, but no double posting and no one-word posts.

3. Gothic related Links and information/websites can be posted here, eg: Gothic, emo, scene online shops, stores. Links to gothic, emo, scene music can be posted. Talk goth nightlife, fashion, music, poetry, spells, pictures, and the underworld vampire discussions.


Non Gothic members can post here if they have NON FLAMING, BASHING questions or want to learn about the Goth life.

If you are not Goth, Emo, Scene and are not interested in whats going on in this forum then get out, have respect or be Banned.

We are all human so be proud of who you are.