Drug Use Screening Quiz: Is Your Teenager Using Drugs?

Drug Use Screening Quiz - Teenage Drug Use

This teen drug use screening quiz was developed using the warning signs of teenage drug use. It is not meant to be the only parenting tool you use when dealing with street drug use and your teenager. Please follow through with the resources below.

Please note that even though some of these warning signs of drug abuse may be present in your teen, it does not mean that they are definitely abusing drugs. There are other causes for some of these behaviors. Even the life stage of adolescence is a valid reason for many of them to exist.

While your teen is learning to become independent, you will still need to guide the way. This is especially true when it comes to serious issues like drug use because it is not just your teen you are dealing with. There are the drug dealers who would love to get to your child or the negative peers who would use your child to valid their drug using behavior. Therefore, it is very important you make a conscience effort to set the rules where teen drug use is concerned.