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    Default I really don't know what to do about this!!

    I was going out wiIth this lad last year for about a month, and he kept pressuring me into doing things that I wasn't happy with. I did it, and I felt really guilty, so I cut it off with him.
    He told everyone a exaggerated version of the truth, and I told everyone nothing happened. There are only a few of my closest friends that actually know what happened, and he also told a load of lies that made me feel really depressed and people took the mickey out of me for ages, called me frigid and a whore. I feel really bad every time I think about it. I also found out that the only reason he was with me was because he wanted to lose his virginity before his brother.
    I saw him again recently and he was all over me, trying to kiss me and talk to me. It was horrible because I had a boyfriend, and I felt like I was cheating on him.

    I know it doesn't seem like much, but people love to bring it up and I feel awful if anyone does! I haven't even told my parents about it.
    Please can someone give me some advice and a bit of support because I know I'm not alone, but I really feel it in this situation, even though it was over a year ago!

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    Unfortunately, there are too many guys who brag and exaggerate when talking about their experiences with girls.

    When someone lies about us (in a negative way), it's a good opportunity to find out who our real friends are. The proper thing for others to do (in this situation) is to keep an open mind. If they don't, they may be giving us an insight into their character.

    When a boy pressures a girl, he's not considering her feelings and he's not worth our time.



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