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    Default Girlfriend's dad hates me.

    Okay, so I posted a question earlier asking why my girlfriends dad hates me, I didn't receive very good answers, and I found out both of her parents dislike me.

    About 7 months ago I began dating this girl, in the beginning her dad didn't even believe I existed, but when he found out that I actually did, he pretty much hated my guts. He doesn't even know me or who I am, and what I want. He doesn't want to even take a chance and meet me, or even somehow contact me or speak to me in general. The same thing goes with her mother. It frustrates me because he doesn't even know me, I feel like he thinks I'm out for the wrong things, and that all I want is sex or something, which I swear on my life I'm not. I tried to message her father about it too, and he didn't even message me back, she told me he was extremely mad though. I tried to get her to sit down with her parents to discuss it, but they just said no and got mad at her.
    As I said, they won't even attempt to talk to me, so saying "talk to them" will not help.
    But I appreciate any form of help.

    P.S If her dad to find out we were dating, he'd probably go insane

    Her parents are not religious, but I am however what other people would say "religious", but he doesn't know that. I completely understand they don't want their girl to grow up, but sometimes it's overdone to the point where I think they want me dead. Something weird too: Her mom used to not mind us, now she hates us.

    And back in September, we suffered a 3 month breakup until recently, we got back together.

    We're both 14, and we take our relationship seriously.
    My appearance: I have shorter (gelled) I wear what you would see a normal teen would wear mostly a T Shirt, hoodie, and jeans. So I don't know how he'd get that I'm a "hoodlum" or something, as I try to present myself in a mature and kind way.

    The first break up was not caused by us, it was her parents, they told her she had to break up with me after a big fight, which I'm not completely sure of what went down in that argument.

    I don't plan on get married to this girl, haha, unless we get older and decide to. We definitely love each other, for that I'm sure of.
    3 hours ago

    One funny thing too, is her dad and I are kind of alike, we both play guitar and like music. (Even though we have our genre differences. ) lol

    And I'll go ahead here, the last forum I posted on all I got was "it's not love" Don't come here to tell me that I'm not in love, because I would do ANYTHING for this lady. Don't tell me I'm not in love because of my age.

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    Help me spy on my BF and check if he is cheating



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