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    Default I like a girl but...

    Hy, i'm from belgium, 17years old and i really like this girl from class. I'm like the smart, silent guy in the class and she is the smart/silent girl in class. I had like long 30 - 50min conversations with her, face to face. And really started liking her, ofcthe friends we had in common start noticing that, and i gave in. One of those friends is kinda close to her, and she was saying things like "you should make your move" and "she is crushing on you". So i also started texting her, and after some 2 weeks, my best friend(not in my school) was kinda pushing me to telll her, her close friend was also kinda pushnig that i should like go to here more. So a week later i decided to finally make my move, i told her i liked her and stuff, she responded with "I'm not over my previous relationship yet, so i'm not ready for a new one", i was aware of her bad previous relationship. I was okay with that anyway, but my best friend said, i just had to let her go now. But my feelings said the opposite, i didnt send her a message for over 2 weeks, and then finally made my own choice. I've now been sending her messages ever so often, complemeting her and she always answers within an hour. But i don't wanna push her, the thing is that everytime we see each other in class we both kinde shutdown, and are awkward.

    Now my questions are:
    What would you do now?
    Do you think she likes me aswell, cause she hasn't really said that herself?

    Please give me any other advice if you chave so

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    it is hard to say if she is over her previous relationships and can start something with You.
    I would guess that no matter how it is, you can be friendly with her and that needs some empathy, real personal interest and knowing what you are doing and that you are doing the right thing. There are (on the internet) suggestions on how to be the best friend. Possibly you should start like that and you will possibly know when is the time to make attempts to move your relationship further..



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