ok i would say it Sounds like her friend was a little jealous to me but what do you think of this, has she blown it?

we and another girl and boy were gonna hang out and the girl, myfriend, wanted to talk to him. I gave her the sn and they talked and she didnt lik the event that he and i planed so she changed it and changed it lik every 5 min until no one even wanted to go anymore. she is supposed to be lik my wingman and now she ruined the date before we even went on it. and to add to this, he played alittle online joke on one of them and she took it really seriously and got really mad and kept bothering him. the only natural thing for him to do was insult her and tell her to leave him alone. but my friend kept IMing him and then she ended up crying and calling me getting mad at me for her talking to him and that i didnt choose sides. ok and i forgot to add that they dont even know eachother. he didnt yell at me or say anything mean to me but i could tell that if he had liked me at first it was gone now. So by the end of the night he was mad at me for keeping him from doing his hw, he doesnt want to go on the date, my friend is upset with me, i still lik him and i have no idea if he will even call me again. GUYS OUT THERE TELL ME if this stuff would turn u off. and how can i tell him that i like him and want him to forget what happened?